Lets Get Hackin'

Lets get hackin’

Hello everyone, I PURCHASED THE PWK/OSCP COURSE AND I AM VERY HYPED. I have been waiting for about three years to start this damn course, and now its finally time. The next few blogposts will consist of notes I take during the reading of the PDF and watching the video guides. After that ill probs do some writeups on the lab, so stay tuned!

Protip: Purchase the course 2/3 weeks before you actually want to start it. This is really important because for some obscure reason OffSec does not allow you to start the course straight away. Asking around taught me it is due to the fact that OffSec needs to reserve space in the labs for their students. Yet I do conflict with this thought, since HackTheBox VIP+ serves direct access to every box for a fraction of the PWK/OSCP. On top of that, PWK/OSCP Labs give you access to shared boxes, within a timespan of 2/3 weeks. VIP+ gives you personalized boxes instantly. If Offensive Security could do one thing better, this would be it for me.